Tuesday, December 25, 2007

work in progress

I tend to work on a couple of things at once so here are a couple of pics that I am currently playing with.
Bit of playing around when I have the free time and the patience to work on the computer!!

some matte work

Here is a bit of matte work i did a while ago. Pretty straight forward stuff.....
Lots of Photos and painting, actually its pretty amazing when looking for the reference for this kind of thing, the websites you come across.
The Nasa website for instance, a bucket of things there, could spend weeks going thru their imagery..

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More action...

..and one more

cant resist putting up one more

A scifi scene, I read a book called Gateway, classic scifi action and got all inspired.
This was the result

Yet more work...

So ok, I am dumping a bunch of stuff on my blog
The next image was done as always in CS2, a whole of painting, plus photowork

A walk to work for a host of sorry souls.
Working as concept artist, I always feel to grateful for the manner inwhich I get to earn my cash.
There are some real shit jobs out there, god know I have worked in some of them.
So this pic is all about that I guess, a way to always remind me that I have a sweet job..profession even!.. and not to take it for granted

Ok now for some recent work.
I have been pretty busy with work, so not as much of my own art been done as I would like, but soon it goes....
Anyway here is a bunch of stuff done in the last couple of months.

An industrial scene, more of a test facility I reckon.

A start of a thing.....

Finally I have my new site and blog happening!
A big thanks to Falk Sonnabend for doing the site for me, his help was invaluable.
I hope to update the blog regularly with new images, while my website will be updated every now and then.

Here is a pic that I did a while ago, I am posting it as it got into the "digital art masters"(vol 2) book.